Adult Combative Blend Program

(15 yrs. old & Older)

Fit 2 Defend Academy Self Defense Program

This is a progressive program that blends all ranges of self-defense, including ground defense, kicking range, striking range, trapping, clinch, etc. Every 10-12 weeks, students will learn a new set of requirements. At the end of the testing cycle, students will be tested on those requirements and earn rank in our Adult Combative program.

This program is designed to help practitioners become well-rounded martial artists and to blend techniques and methods that will help them protect themselves and others effectively and quickly.

Some of the martial art styles blended into this program include: boxing/kickboxing, Muay Thai, grappling/wrestling, Krav Maga/hand-to-hand combat, Filipino martial arts, and weapons training (Kali sticks and knife disarming).

Class is held Tuesdays 7:15pm for ages 15 and up. More class day and times will be added to the class schedule in the near future so we will keep you posted.




Our Combative blend class meets on Tuesday evenings at 7:15pm 

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